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Food Bank partner agencies offering food/grocery distribution must be trained in Food Handling.

Lead volunteers or lead pantry staff must be trained.  Training is valid for two years.

Food Handling for Food Banking is now available as a video and the quiz is online as well.  (Click on the links below or copy and paste into your web browser) 

Video:  (1 hour and 8 minutes long)  

Quiz:  (should take 10 minutes or less) 

A companion textbook is available to you as reference. If you would like to receive one by mail or with your next Food Bank order, please contact the Food Bank. 


Food Bank partner agencies with on-site food preparation and/or meal service must have a ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification.

One kitchen manager must be trained.  Certification is valid for five years.  

Learn more:


Civil Rights Training 

Civil Rights training must be completed annually by all staff and volunteers involved in food distribution. 


Several formats for the training are available - choose the one that works best for you:


Two types of training documentation are required :

1. Program or organizational leadership (at least one) must fill out and return the Civil Rights Self Certification after completing the training.

2. All other staff and volunteers should be listed on the Annual Civil Rights Training Sign-In Log after completing the training. (PDF or DOC)


 Once you have completed this training, please also be sure these required items are available on-site at your location:

 Be sure you have the current version of this poster and it is the full size (11 x17) and printed in color, per USDA requirements.  We'd be happy to provide you with a new, laminated copy if needed.


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