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Meet Alice 

She is a grandmother raising her two teenage grandsons. 

They live in a small two bedroom apartment and live on Alice's social security benefits.  Today, we meet Alice at CEO's Food Pantry.   Alice visits the food pantry regularly to find food to supplement their diets.  It is hard to feed two growing boys!  

Alice stopped on her way in to the pantry to talk to CEO's nutrition educator, Mary.  They chatted for a few minutes about how the boys were doing in school and Mary offered Alice the recipe of the day and food sample.  Alice gladly accepted the recipe and food sample, telling Mary how important it is to her to feed her boys, good healthy food - there is so much fast food and junk food available to them, but that isn't how she wants to raise her boys.  

Alice finished her food sample and when leaving Mary and moving on pick up the food she came for, she asked if there was any dry powdered milk available?  Sometimes the food pantry offers dry milk, but not always.   Alice explained to Mary and the pantry volunteers how important it is for her growing teenage grandsons to drink milk - and yet, milk is expensive and it is rarely found at the pantry.  "Can you keep a secret from my boys?" she asked, "Sometimes I mix the powdered milk with water and add it to a half full gallon of fresh milk.  This way the boys won't notice and it tastes better that way.  Sometimes when I don't have any powdered milk, I just add water to make it stretch. I just want them to grow up strong and healthy."

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