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Martin Luther King Jr. Fuel Fund

It is COLD outside! Winter is here and we still have at least two more months of frigid and blustery weather ahead of us; yet many families are already struggling to keep the heat on. 

Seniors, living on fixed incomes are choosing between heat and medical expenses. Families with children are choosing between heat and food. Many times, they also must choose between heating their home or paying their rent or mortgage.

Home without heat or heat without a home?

Those who need help with high energy costs and broken heating systems turn to the Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO), the “People Helping People” organization. Two months ago, when the night temperatures began to drop, a disabled woman, who is raising her two granddaughters, decided it was time to turn her heat on. So, she turned up the thermostat, but no heat came through the radiators. She asked a neighbor to check on her boiler which was in the basement, only to discover that there was water leaking from cracked pipes. She turned to CEO for assistance but learned that her disability income and pensions put her over the limit for state funded assistance. In addition, she had mounting medical bills.

This scenario, unfortunately, will repeat itself many times this winter - broken heating systems, empty fuel tanks and overdue bills will leave many families feeling cold and hopeless. The question becomes, will our community step in to provide financial support to help those who need it most? 

We urge congregations of faith, community organizations, corporations, businesses and concerned individuals to express their compassion through a charitable donation to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Fuel Fund, for the Commission on Economic Opportunity’s emergency fuel assistance program, which is intended to help when no other program can. Situations like the grandmother described above, can only be resolved by the community's generosity.

Dr. King also said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” Will you help today?

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Each season, thousands of families receive help through 
CEO's heating assistance programs.

Here are two of those stories...

Helping Seniors Stay Warm


Last month an elderly couple found themselves with a broken furnace, credit maxed out on previous fuel purchases, and income that, while over the limit for state funded assistance, was spent to cover high prescription medication costs.  CEO was able to identify funding from several generous individuals to cover the cost of the furnace. 

This scenario, unfortunately, will repeat itself many times this winter.


Helping Families Stay Warm


The sole provider of a young family has lost her job. Her employer has denied her unemployment claim and she has filed an appeal. The family has only a few days’ worth of home heating oil left and have already used both their state cash and crisis grants. Without any income coming into her home, how will she be able to purchase fuel oil? How will this mother and two small children stay warm?

With the help of the MLK Fuel Fund, the family received a delivery of home heating oil and the household did not go without heat. Now, with unemployment compensation coming into the home, she was able to pay for her next fuel delivery.

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