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SNAP (Food Stamp) Program

SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) helps stretch precious dollars at the grocery store so families can eat a variety of healthy foods, such as grains (especially whole grains), fruits, and vegetables every day.  Here at the Commission on Economic Opportunity we are committed to increasing awareness and enrollment in the Pennsylvania Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program.  Our SNAP Outreach Program, working in conjunction with the Department of Public Welfare, helps people with little or no income apply for SNAP assistance so that they and their families can live healthier lives.

Although applying for assistance can sometimes seem a daunting task, we are committed to making the process easier.  Application assistance is available by phone: (570) 826-0510 or in person at CEO's Wilkes-Barre office.

Eligibility Guidelines

To get SNAP benefits, your income and your other resources have to be under certain limits.

Income:  Your total income, before taxes or any other subtractions, is called gross income.  However, the program allows certain subtractions, called deductions.  These can be things like housing costs, child support, medical expenses (for elderly or disabled people), or child-care costs.  The amount left over after these deductions is called net income.

Most households must meet both gross and net income limits.  If your household has a person who is 60 or older or who is disabled, you only need to meet the net income limit.  If everyone in your household receives SSI or TANF, you do not need to meet any of the income limits.


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