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Tax Incentives for Donors


Want to help feed your hungry neighbors

AND get a Credit toward your Pennsylvania Business Taxes? 


Make a business contribution of $1,000 or more to CEO’s Weinberg Regional Food Bank and your business can receive a 55% tax credit for the contribution.

That means every dollar donated only costs your business $0.45! Additional federal credits or deductions may further reduce the cost of your donation to as little as $0.23 per dollar– but the value of your donation to the Food Bank and at work in the community is maximized. 

At the Weinberg Food Bank, the average cost of receiving, transporting, warehousing and distributing donated product is a mere $.18 per pound. Even wholesale food items average only $1.50 per pound. That is far less than the average retail cost of food at $3.49 per pound.  Your donation will have a meaningful impact in your community.

Donations are put to use quickly and efficiently, so that much needed food gets to families in need now. The CEO Weinberg Regional Food Bank has a network of over 200 partner organizations spanning four counties in Northeast Pennsylvania: Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna and Wyoming.


Next Steps:

Want to make a contribution? And receive tax credits?

 To confirm you are eligible for the tax credits, you will need to complete two forms along with your contribution:

1.  Tax Compliance Form – this is submitted directly to the PA Department of Revenue to ensure you are eligible for the tax credits:   (Instructions for completion of the form can be found here )

 2.  Letter of Commitment – for food donations or financial contributions - download & edit this template letter, then email it to If possible, please put the letter on letterhead and sign it. If, due to remote work you cannot, please send the letter of commitment as an email with your company name, your name and position/title included in the signature.

 3.  Make the contribution! Checks can be made payable to: CEO Weinberg Food Bank, 185 Research Drive, Jenkins Twp, PA 18640. Or give online using a credit card. If you are making a food contribution please contact Amanda Brueckler at the Food Bank: 570-908-2222 x505 or


 Contact Gretchen Hunt with any questions: 570-826-0510 x275 or




The Neighborhood Assistance Program

The Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) is a tax credit program administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). When a business makes a contribution to CEO’s Weinberg Food Bank, a tax credit up to 55% of the amount of the business’ contribution is awarded. There are four components of Neighborhood Assistance: Neighborhood Assistance Program, Special Program Priorities, Neighborhood Partnership Program and the Charitable Food Program.


Tax Credit Caps: Businesses contributing to fewer than 4 projects can receive a maximum tax credit of $500,000 from all NAP components. Businesses contributing to 4 or more different projects can receive a maximum credit of $1,250,000 from all NAP components. Other components include Neighborhood Assistance Program Regular Tax Credit, Special Program Priorities, Neighborhood Enterprise Zone, and Neighborhood Partnership Program.


Timeline for Using the CreditsThe business awarded the tax credits has three options: retain and use, sell, or pass the credits to another entity. Regardless of which option is chosen, the first step is claiming the credits from DCED using Form DCED-CCE-19- which will be provided by CEO upon award of the Tax Credits. Proof of the contribution must be submitted with the application form. This form must be submitted to DCED prior to December 31 – this is 6 months after the eligible contribution period (fiscal year) ends. DCED approves the application and forwards it to the Department of Revenue for processing. The business may carry forward tax credits not applied against current year taxes for the five succeeding years until the full credit has been applied. 


If a business chooses to sell the credits a second application must be filed with DCED – form DCED-CCE-19B. This application cannot be filed until one year AFTER the contribution year has closed. For contribution year ending June 30, the application to sell tax credits can be filed on or after July 1 of the following year. Requests to pass through or transfer credits must be submitted in writing (no form) to the Department of Revenue.


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